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Ilsintech is the only fusion splicer manufacturer that offers patented portable all-in-one fusion splicers.  These models include an automatic thermal stripper, one step precision cleaver and a cleaner dispenser in one unit. Ilsintech also offers standard fusion splicer models such as the F3 clad alignment splicer and the S3 core alignment splicer.  Patent pending Swift Connectors are high quality, low cost splice on connectors in a variety of styles and sizes that can be used with all Ilsintech fusion splicers.  To see the full line of Ilsintech products, please click on the products tab listed above.

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FREE F1 FUSION SPLICER KIT, with the  purchase of any 3000 Ilsintech Splice-On-Connectors*!

*Restrictions apply.  Contact us for details.